It may be necessary to close the Academy for a variety of reasons which can include:

  • Severe weather including snow, flooding or storms
  • Accommodation problems, for example loss of power supply, heating failures or fire damage

School should, however, endeavour to remain open where possible. School contingency plans should be passed on to staff, parents and pupils. The decision to close a school will normally rest with the Principal, or in his absence the Assistant Principal and be confirmed with the Chair of Governors. If she/he is unavailable, the Vice Chair. The decision should be made where possible before 7.30 am and on the basis of information received from the media about weather, supplemented by on the spot observation, either personally or from staff members better placed to make such observations and through appropriate external agencies such as the Met Office.

In the event of Academy being unable to open due to a fall of snow overnight, initial information will be given out on Radio Leicester.

Radio Leicester can be found at 104.9 FM

Alternatively you can look on the BBC School Closures Website.